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Listing and Stock Exchange Compliance Package

In order to trade efficiently, securely, and creditably on the stock exchanges of India, the listed companies are to follow strictly the rules and regulations of The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the supreme regulator of the securities market of India. Punctual compliances with the stock exchanges of India by the listed companies are vital part of these rules and regulations of SEBI, which are exclusively contained in its Equity Listing Agreement. Our law firm of international approbation has been helping the listed companies in doing perfect, safe, and lucrative business in India in complete compliance with such all rules, regulations, and mandatory compliances with the stock exchanges located in India and abroad. On this webpage, information regarding the compliances to be performed strictly and punctually by the listed companies of India with the stock exchanges of India, is presented exclusively, to help our site visitors and existing clients of India and abroad.

In general, the provisions provided in the following Clauses of the Equity Listing Agreement are to be complied with by the listed companies in India, with the stock exchanges of India, for the main purpose of successful and legally secure trading of securities:

  • Clause 35: — Related with providing detailed information to the stock exchange about each class of equity shares/securities before listing, and about any capital restructuring.
  • Clause 49: — This clause is mainly related with corporate governance in the listed companies.
  • Clause 41: — Connected with financial results
  • Clause 31: — Related with annual reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, proceedings of AGM/EGM
  • Clause 32: — Related with disclosures in the annual report
  • Clauses 19 & 20: — Connected with the board meeting and its outcomes
  • Clause 20A: —- Associated with the declaration of dividend
  • Clause 22: — Related with the credit of bonus shares
  • Clause 30: — Pertaining to change directors/auditors
  • Clause 33: — Regarding amendments in the MOA and AOA of the company
  • Clause 36: — Related with disclosure of price-sensitive information
  • Clause 38: — It related with the annual listing fees, which are to be paid on or before April 30 every year by the company.
  • Clause 41: Regarding the board meeting in connection with financial results
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