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 If you have a business of supply and goods, then GST registration is a must for you. Also; if a business is involved in the interstate outward good supply, then also GST registration is compulsory. For eCommerce sellers or aggregators who have a yearly turnover of less than 20 lakhs can avoid GST registration.

Types of GST Returns:

  1. GSTR 1

GSTR 1 in simple terms is a return statement provided by the dealer with details of taxable either services or goods, or both, along with the details of outward supplies.

  1. GSTR 2

This type of GST Return contains all the details of inward supplies that related to either the taxable goods or the taxable services, or both also the ITC claim.

  1. GSTR 3

GSTR 3 is the information of monthly returns that contains the completed detail of all the inward and outward supplies. Along with that; It also contains the details of the total tax payable by the dealer.

  1. GSTR 4

It contains all the details about filing the Quarterly Return. This one is precisely for specific individuals who have compounded tax liabilities. 

  1. GSTR 5

GSTR 5 deals with the GST return filing for non-resident foreign individuals who have registered under GST. The individual has to file the GSTR 5 every month.

  1. GSTR 6

It is for the Input Service Distributors to file their monthly returns. This one also contains details of all the documents which are issued for input credit distribution.

  1. GSTR 7

GSTR 7 is a monthly return that has to be filed by the authorities that deduct TDS. It should contain information of payable and paid TDS liability, TDS dedicated, claimed TDS.

  1. GSTR 8

It is for the e-commerce operators to provide the supply details along with the tax amount collected under the sub-section 52. GSTR 8 is also filed monthly.

  1. GSTR 9

GSTR 9 is for all the taxpayers who are registered under GST to file Annual Returns. It should contain the details of all the outward supplies and inward supplies.

  1. GSTR 9A

This is for those taxpayers who have registered under the composition scheme. 

  1. GSTR 10

This one is for those individuals whose GST registration has been canceled. GSTR 10 has to be filed within 3 months of cancellation order.

  1. GSTR 11

A person who has UIN and is claiming a refund will have to provide the details of inward supplies. GSTR 11 is a monthly task.


Some Frequently Asked Questions – GST Registration Online

If a person is engaged with the supply of service and goods or both, then the required annual turnover is 20 lakhs. If the person is engaged only with the supply of goods then the required turnover is 40 lakhs.
Once a business is registered under GST, it is mandatory to follow all the GST notifications, rules, and acts.
If your business is liable for GST registration and you have not registered it then you will have to pay the GST on all the sales that occur after the day you were liable for GST registration.
30 days from the day the business is liable for GST registration.