ESIC returns have to be filed monthly by all entities and persons who have ESI registration. For every employee with a salary less than 21,000 INR, the employer will pay the ESI contributions.

The employee will have to pay 1.75 % of the salary and the employer will have to pay 4.75 % of the employee’s salary.

The ESIC return filing dates are usually the 11th of May and the 11th of November. 

All the employers with PF registration are required to file the returns on a monthly basis.

By the 25th of every month; the filing of the PF returns must be completed. Annually; the return will be due on 25th April of that year. 

Documents for PF return filing

  • Form 2 A: 
Form 2 A is required to provide details of the nominees like Name, Address, relationship with the member, date of birth, total amount to be paid to each nominee etc. 
  • Form 2 Part B
Form 2 B covers the pension part of the PF. The details of the person who will get the pension like name, date of birth, relationship with the member etc.
  • Form 5
Form 5 includes: Month along with the year of the submission of the form, Employee Details Table, Unique code number of the company or factory, and Name along with address of the Company or factory.
  • Form 12 Part A
Form 12 A is for income tax details.

Documents for ESIC return filing

  • Inspection book
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI
  • Details of any accidents on the premises
  • Form 6
  • Register of wages

Some Frequently Asked Questions

ESI Code is a 17-digit unique identification number allotted to each organization which is registered under the Corporate Laws.

To file an ESI return the employer has to visit . After that, you will be asked to log in to your account using the credentials provided to you at the time of registration. And then you have to follow the steps provided on the website.

We understand that filing the ESI return can be complex as a result; our team of experts is here to help you throughout the process.

Annual PF return is mandatory. It has to be filed by 30th April of every year. You will be required to collect the documents and file the PF return every year. If you need professional help in the filing process then we are here for you.