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ROC Annual Compliance Package

Running of company was used to be an easy process under Companies Act, 1956 as registrar of company (“ROC”) did not use to take any strict action against defaulter, but Under new company law there are stringent penal provisions for non-compliance and in case of default; company, as well as key managerial personnel, are liable to heavy penalty in monetary terms and other non-monetary penal consequences also. Hence, it is necessary that the compliances met with on time in order to avoid penalties or additional fees To avoid these risks we can help you by providing the support services of making sure you do not default in keeping up with the ROC Annual  Firm Compliance calendar or any other kind of compliances in a company.

For all the business entity formed in India as per (the)Companies Act and LLP Act, there are various ROC compliances which are required by the law to comply with timely. These compliance are easy to maintain and has minimum liability for owners, if they are being complied properly and timely. The article here throws limelight on the ROC Annual Compliances
ROC Annual Compliances include filing of forms with the registrar of companies within the stipulated time period as stated in the rules. The  is quite seamless provided you get the right help. These compliances are annual reporting, which are required by the concerned laws in order to remain legal and secure. 


    Auditor Appointment and filing of Form ADT- 1 : 
an auditor needs to be appointed for 5 years by submitting form ADT-1 to the Registrar of Companies.
•    Filing of Financial Statement and Balance sheet with Form AOC – 4 : 

Every Company needs to file its balance sheet and, profit and loss account along with the director’s report. This must be filed within 30 days from date from the date of AGM.  Form AOC – 4 is to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies

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