A public limited company registration of a firm is beneficial in cases of large capital requirements. These large capitals are then planned to raise from the public at large with the help of Public Issue of Shares. The minimum requirement of a company to become public is to have three directors and seven shareholders along with a registered office. 

A Public Limited Company will be created as per the companies act 2013 and the rules made under it. The company can be incorporated as per the law and provisions contained in it. To start a Public Limited Company you will need a compulsory seven-person and there will be no limitation to the number of shareholders in that particular public company. 

This type of company is majorly suitable for large scale of business which has high capital requirement also the company should be willing to acquire money from the public overall. Corporate Hub is here to support you throughout the process of declaring your company Public. From the initial stage of consultation to drafting the objects and selecting the name for the company, to filing the important and required application for incorporation along with taking regular follow-up from the ROC. We will be there with you until the issue of certificate of incorporation.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a new public limited company or convert an existing company to public limited by following the process of the Government. For that it is recommended to contact a professional to assist you.
As per the regulations; there is no as such validity of the certificate of registration of a public Ltd. company.
The shareholders will be declared as the official owners of a public limited company.
The main reason for converting your business to a public limited company is that you can list the shares of your company on stock exchange. There are a lot of other benefits but this one is the major reason why owners prefer public limited company.

What Do You Need For Public Limited Company Registration?

Below are four most important requirements a company has to fulfil to declare itself Public Limited Legally.

Minimum Seven Persons

The most basic requirement is to have at least seven persons, who can be declared as the official members of the company. There is no limit to the number of shareholders but please note that minimum 3 directors are required and maximum 15 directors can be a part of the company.

Capital Requirement

There is no minimum capital requirement specified by the company which has to be maintained by a company. It can invest as per the requirement. But one thing to keep in mind is that; Government calculates the company registration fee based on its capital.

Resident Director

Another important requirement is that; one of the seven directors of the company has to be a Indian citizen. You can check the requirements to become an Indian Citizen online before applying.

Unique Name of Company

Make sure the name of your company should not resemble any existing company or LLP. Also you should check with the trademark registry and make sure that the name should not match with any applied or registered trademark in the country.