START UP INDIA, a campaign launched by Government of India to encourage Passionate and Dynamic Youth of India, just like YOU, to become Entrepreneurs.

We at Corporate Hub provide you this platform where you can NOW start your own business or convert an existing one into a Corporate form of your choice – “Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or One Person Company”

You will rightly ask, Why to create a Company??

We would say why not, when you can:-

  • Avail numerous benefits of Limited Liability and Separate Legal Entity
  • Better Fund Raising Opportunities
  • Benefits of Listing in Stock Market
  • Effective Tax Planning
  • Increased Goodwill and Reputation

Additional Benefits that you will get by choosing Corporate Hub to incorporate your Company:

  • We provide Networking to access new Clients for your business
  • Enhance your Client Base
  • One Stop Compliances for all Statutory Laws (Income Tax, Accountancy, Auditing, GST, ROC, SEBI, FEMA, RBI Compliances)


Services For Start A Business With Corporate Hub